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Handmade in the Atlas Mountains, the Moroccan Berber Bag is a statement every-day piece that will surprise you with its versatility and comfort. The origins and roots have stood the test of time, but the design and colours of the Moroccan Leather Bags have been adapted to the 21st century, to your delight and ours. The embroidery is immaculate, made from the most delectable cactus silk. What’s more, the Moroccan Berber Bag is a product of ethical fashion and fair trade , hand-sewn by local artisans with the most exquisite goat leather in the land. More than beauty, these Berber Bags have a lot of love to give. They will last forever and never lose their mesmerising pigment. Each component is sourced locally and moulded expertly by members of the local community to provide you with a flawless Berber Leather Bag , a testament to Moroccan culture.

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So it was surprising to discover that a previously unrecorded group of highly graphic Berber kilims, which had first appeared on the market as late as , were made there. In the author travelled to the Ourika Valley with fellow Moroccan textile connoisseurs Wilfried Stanzer and Mustapha Hansali to learn more about this group of horizontally banded kilims, which are entirely woven from natural light and dark coloured wool and are further defined by the use of characteristic lensshaped motifs.

The largely sedentary inhabitants of this region live in long-established villages and traditional houses at a height of about 1,, metres above sea level, where they farm irrigated terraces and keep livestock. Despite a design vocabulary limited to a single pattern, this group of flatweaves encompasses a surprising variety of styles, with a high degree of individuality within each piece.

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In February , I went to Morocco for three weeks to research a family legend a 17th-century ancestor was kidnapped from the Cornish coast by Barbary pirates. I was a year-old publishing director and, in my spare time, a novelist and rock climber. I was also single, having given up on the idea of settling down. Disillusioned, I gave up. I took a climbing friend with me to Morocco,.

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I’d sworn off men. Then a novel-writing trip to Morocco led me to love

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hearing white men boasting about their ‘beautiful conquests’ in morocco has put me in a questioning mode. Is this getting so bad there now? I mean is the.

I am divorcing my Moroccan husband of 7 years and although it took me the last 3 years to get the courage to end it as I was just very unhappy in the marriage my husband was nothing like the man I thought I had married from morocco once he was here he was always nice, polite, cordial great at customer service we also worked together in my business for 4.

Prefered to stay home and cook meals and we rarely ate a meal out it was basically no fun at all and I felt like I was going to die! Do not marry any Moroccan man especially if he is younger. He said they will tell you anything and they practice learning what works to make women fall in love with them. He said no Moroccan man wants an olfpder wife unless she is rich so he can get her money and if she is older iphe will wait to get her wealth.

He said they all want a virgin wife from morocco. He kept apologizing for telling me this and for what I went through with my husband but he was very adamant about it. He said it makes him feel bad because he see’ sit all the time and it is a disgusting tradition his people are known for. I was sickened and of course I am heart broken but it makes sense to me now.

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Each year in the hamlet of Ait Amer, tribes celebrate the collective wedding of young Amazigh couples. Its about connecting the hearts of young people. About 30, people from all over the mountains arrive here and camp in tents with their horses and camels to participate in this epic event.

The Kabyles are an ethnic sub-group of the Berber people, today still living in Algeria, As in many other cultures, traditional Kabyle society prohibits men being.

Berbers are the indigenous people of Morocco and Algeria and to a lesser extent Libya and Tunisia. They are descendants of an ancient race that has inhabited Morocco and much of northen Africa since Neolithic times. The origins of the Berbers are unclear; a number of waves of people, some from Western Europe, some from sub-Saharan Africa, and others from Northeast Africa, eventually settled in North Africa and made up its indigenous population. Berber is a foreign word. The Berbers call themselves Imazighen men of the land.

Their languages is totally unlike Arabic, the national language of Morocco and Algeria. One reason the Jews have prospered in Morocco is that has been a place where Berbers and Arabs shaped the history and multi-culturalism has been a fixture of everyday life for a long time. The Arabs have traditionally been townspeople while the Berbers lives in the mountains and desert.

The Berbers have traditionally been dominated politically by the Arab ruling class and population majority but many Moroccan believe the Berbers are what gives the country its character. Websites and Resources: Islam Islam. Smaller groups include the Mzab of the northern Sahara region and the Tuareg of the southern Ahaggar highlands, both of which have clearly definable characteristics.

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Back to the Blog page. If you are interested in visiting our luxury desert camp in Morocco, you will find that you are being looked after by our wonderful Berber team. But who are the Berber people? Here are 10 interesting facts:. Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa, an area of habitation that stretches all the way from Egypt in the East to the countries of the Sahel in the West.

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Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Moroccan food is really exceptional. For men, it is imperative to always have a full table at the end of the day, because they are expected to provide, so surely, if you are with a Moroccan, you will never go hungry! They are open to try new things and meet your expectations since making a man happy is one of their priorities. So you can expect to be the king in bed if you are dating a Moroccan woman.

Moroccans get taught from a very young age to socialize with people and be talkative. They have many family gatherings, where women cook together and men sit in the living room speaking about a variety of topics. If you are going through a rough time, they will do everything to make you feel better or comfort you, because they want to stick with you through thick and thin. When it comes to love, Moroccan women are pretty exceptional.

Like in bed, in life they will always find time to show you how much they love you and what you truly mean to them. Women do expect men to provide, as that is just part of the culture. Socially, Moroccans are independent and strong-minded, they stand their ground and will not let anyone walk over them.

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Historically worn by men of the Berber Tribe in Morocco, Berber Bags have been revamped and modernised by ABURY. The origins and roots.

The name Berber may have originated with the Romans. The details of the origins of the Berber people are not known for certain, but the Berbers are generally considered the original population of North Africa. It is likely that the Berbers descended, perhaps thousands of years ago, from people who expanded west from an eastern origin along the southern rim of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Berbers, who inhabit regions across North Africa, have witnessed numerous invasions and occupations. Despite many attempts by colonizing people to eradicate or absorb the Berbers, their culture survived. The Berber population is distributed across the countries of North Africa. Generally speaking, it is likely that most northwest African Arabs are of Berber origin. Berber groups inhabiting coastal North Africa identify themselves by the terms Kabyles and Rifs.

The Berbers of northern Algeria number approximately 4 million.

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